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4 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional For Garage Door Repair

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If you're pretty handy around the house, it may be tempting to attempt fixing a broken garage door on your own. However, repairing a garage door is entirely different than installing a kitchen faucet or replacing some roof shingles. Broken garage doors can be dangerous, and do-it-yourself repair attempts lead to many accidents. To prevent serious injury, hire a professional instead.


1. Garage Doors Are Heavier Than You Think

If the door comes loose from the track and falls, it can seriously injure or even kill someone. When you manually open and close the door, it probably doesn't seem all that heavy. However, it might weigh up to 600 lbs.

If you manage to escape being crushed by a falling door, it can still easily destroy any objects in the garage that it falls on. 

2. Springs Can Break

The torsion springs above the closed door and the extension springs on the upper tracks at the sides are designed to hold that large amount of weight and are very tight. This can lead to high-speed swing force if one of those springs breaks. If you're attempting to work on a spring when this happens, severe injury can result if you are hit. 

Even if no harmful incident occurs during the repair work, improperly installed springs can loosen or break at any time in the future. That means you're creating risk to yourself and others if you make some error during the repair process. 

3. Hinged Door Sections Cause Injury

While working on a garage door, it's entirely possible to get your fingers in between two opened hinged sections. If those sections close, you risk lacerated, crushed or even amputated fingers. 

4. Further Door Damage May Result

Not only do you risk injuring yourself while working on the project, you also risk damaging the door and the opening apparatus further. If the door falls onto the garage floor, for example, you may have to buy a brand new one. 


A 2007 study by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System found that thousands of injuries requiring medical attention were associated with garage door incidents. Some 1,600 of these injuries occurred while a person was attempting a do-it-yourself repair or installation project. 


Of course, everybody wants to save money when they need repair work done on their home. This makes sense unless you're trying to fix something that includes inherent dangers such as heavy weight and large springs at high tension. Do the smart thing and contact some garage door repair companies in your area for estimates on the work.