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Five Ways To Improve Signs For Christmas Events

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The holidays are a time for people to come together and this often means a number of events that are held for churches, community groups, and small businesses. If you run an annual Christmas event, then you want a sign that can display the best graphics possible and can easily display information.

Follow these five tips to create the best sign possible and help it last for years to come. Once the design is complete, you can work with sign companies to have it professionally created.

Annual Event Tips

There is no point in creating a new sign every year if your business or group holds the same event annually. When creating the initial sign, there are multiple things to consider.

  • Date & Time Space: Leave a large space available to update the dates and times each year. This makes it a lot easier to fill in the space. To improve readability, you should use thick black markers or black duct tape to display the new dates and times each year.
  • Images & Themes: Keep the theme as timeless as possible. For example, an image of Shrek dressed as Santa would likely look outdated in a couple of years. Using a basic Christmas tree or Elf has better long-term appeal.

Illuminated Signs

Draw attention to your sign at night by adding some Christmas flare to the design. One of the easiest things to do is border the edge of the sign with Christmas lights. Take it one step further by weaving lights through the actual sign. For example, you could drill small holes to poke Christmas lights through. Form the shape of the date so people can easily read it at night.

The lights can also be used to add whimsical flare. For example, you could drill a hole through Rudolph's nose and place a large red light bulb through to create an illuminated nose.

Christmas Fonts

When designing the sign on a computer, there are a number of free Christmas fonts that you can access for use. These fonts look professional and encompass Christmas at the same time. Look for fonts that are bold and easy to read:

  • Christmas Card: A font that features a classic holiday design and thick letters.
  • Christmas Snow: The letters on this font appear to have snow over the top of them all.
  • PW Joyeux Noel: Another font that is fun and feature snow designs on it.

Sign Materials

When working with sign companies, it's important to pick out the proper materials for your sign. For example, during harsh winter months, displaying a wooden sign is not a good idea due to precipitation and snow. Instead, choose a composite wood material or something like a thick plastic. Consider budget options too and choose the best sign for your business.

After each year, it's important to properly pack the signs so that they can be reused the next year without much damage or wear to them.

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