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How To Increase Your Company's Profit Margins Through Energy Efficient Garage Doors

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Chances are good that your garage door will be one of the biggest access points for heat coming in or out. This means that finding a garage door that has better energy efficient features could help you seriously cut back on expenditures in your company and so increase your profit margin.

Here are a few ways to look for commercial garage doors that have the features you need.

High R-Value

R-Value measures the thermal resistance for something like a garage door. Essentially, it measures how well the door can stop heat from flowing through the door. This measurement is based on how well the door insulates against heat.

The higher the number is, the better the door is at reducing heat flow. For example, according to the Door Access System Manufacturers Association, or DASMA, the efficiency of a door is equal to factors including the insulation, the outside surface, the inside surface and the air films around the door.

So a value of R-8 has around a 90% heat flow reduction. A garage door with R-32 will reduce heat flow by around 97% based on 4000 square feet.

This means that if you can find garage doors with high R-values, it will go a long way to reducing your energy bills.

Walls Around the Door

Another important consideration is insulating the areas around your garage, especially including areas where the door connects to the walls. It's actually possible to do this yourself with the right equipment using guidelines from the government organization called Energy Star.

Materials Used

Going with garage doors made out of steel will ensure that the garage door lasts longer in its optimal shape. Doors made of inferior materials will often rust or lose their shape which will make them less efficient over time.

The best doors will have 3000 triple layer steel construction.  It's also possible to get doors made out of wood if the initial cost is important. The important thing is to get the doors that have two layers of wood with a layer of insulation in the middle.

The most environmentally conscious corporations may want to use environmentally safe options such as the polystyrene thermal insulation.

Overall, upgrading the garage door of your business might cost a little extra in the beginning, but it will ultimately result in serious energy savings for your company, especially if your company's building is large and needs to contain a lot of heat. Talk to a company like Ole & Lena's Garage Door Service for more information on getting the right kind of commercial garage doors for your business.