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Is Your Windshield Damaged? 3 Reasons You Need To Get It Repaired

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That little crack in your windshield could be an accident waiting to happen. It might seem like nothing to worry about right now, but in no time at all it can turn into something much worse. Before you continue driving with that crack, here are some reasons why you should get it repaired as quickly as possible.

Small Cracks Can Grow

You might have a small crack in your windshield right now, but it can grow. In fact, given time that small crack could end up spanning your entire windshield. Extreme weather, additional impacts, and even road vibrations can cause small cracks to spread if they aren't repaired.

Large Cracks Can Weaken The Structure Of Your Car

Your windshield does more than just protect you from flying debris. It also adds strength to the structure of your car. If you have a large crack in your windshield and you're involved in a car accident, the crack can increase the likelihood that your roof will cave in during a roll-over accident. Not only that, but a damaged windshield is more likely to fail during a minor car accident.

Damaged Windshields Impair Your View

When you're driving, it's important for you to have an unobstructed view of traffic. Cracks, chips, and other windshield damage can make it difficult for you to see properly. This is particularly true when your view is already obstructed, such as during rainstorms, or when the sun is shining in your eyes.

What To Do When Your Windshield Is Damaged

If your windshield is damaged by flying debris while you're driving, you should pull over as soon as it's safe. There are a couple of things you'll want to look for.

  1. Does the damage impair your view?

  2. How large is the crack?

  3. Did the crack feather into smaller cracks?

  4. Does the damage go straight through the glass?

If the crack impairs your view or has gone straight through the glass, you should call for roadside assistance. It might not be safe for you to drive your car any further. If the damage is minor, you can drive home. Be sure to call your insurance company as soon as you can.

If your windshield has been damaged, you need to arrange for repairs as soon as possible. Small cracks and chips can be repaired. In most cases, your windshield can be repaired at your home or place of employment. Talk to a company like M S Glass Outlet to learn more about how windshield repairs are done.