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How To Maintain Proper Chemical Balance In Your Spa

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Having a spa at your home can be a wonderful luxury. Not only are spas great for relaxing in after a long day, but they're also shown to promote some excellent health benefits, such as better circulation and decreased muscle pain. However, owning a spa also comes with a fair amount of responsibility. Like a pool, a spa's water needs to be carefully monitored and maintained at all times of the year. Otherwise, the water could be unsafe to humans. Read on to explore some helpful tips for maintaining your spa's water chemical balance.

Test Daily

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your spa's chemical balance is to test the water daily. You can do this yourself or have a company like Anchor Pools & Spas do it for you on occasion. Ideally, you'll test the water and add chemicals as needed around the same time each day. You can test the water using a test strip, which you simply dip into the water, remove, and read to determine the levels of chlorine, pH, hardness, and calcium in the water.

From there, you can determine which chemicals need to be added to maintain balance. The best time to add chemicals is in the evening as the sun is going down, as this decreases the amount of chemicals that burn off via evaporation.

Use Liquid Chlorine

While liquid chlorine dissolves faster than chlorine pucks or tablets, the fact remains that it's much better for your spa's liner and pump. Over time, chlorine pucks and tablets can lead to discoloration and even damage of your pool's liner.

Furthermore, the tablets can add unwanted hardness to your water, which can damage your spa pump if left untreated. Liquid chlorine will need to be added more frequently and may also cost a bit more, but it'll be more than worth it in the long run when you can avoid having to replace your damaged liner or pump.

Turn Off the Pump Overnight

Your spa's pump doesn't need to run 24 hours a day; in fact, if you do run it all the time, you could end up with a pretty hefty electric bill. In general, it's okay to shut off the pump overnight (as long as nobody plans on using the spa overnight). This will help to reduce the amount of chemicals that are burned through during that time. Just be sure that you keep the spa covered during this time and that you don't forget to turn the pump back on in the morning.