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Common Misconceptions Most Homeowners Have About Plumbing

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When you think of plumbers and plumbing, what comes to mind? You most likely already have preconceived notions about plumbing and the professionals in the business that are far from the truth. It is not your fault that you have been misled as misinformation is a common component of just about any aspect of home repair. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions that homeowners have about residential plumbing.

Most Plumbing Tasks Are Easy to Tackle On Your Own

It may be true that there are some simple plumbing tasks that can be accomplished by the average joe. Fixing a simple leak or unclogging a drain are a few good examples. However, there is a lot of knowledge required for making plumbing repairs in a lot of cases. Sure, you could get online and look up videos or head to the local home improvement store for advice, but there is a good chance you will still have to call on a professional for help.

It Is Okay to Buy the Cheapest Plumbing Supplies

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when attempting plumbing repairs on their own is to assume that all plumbing supplies are the same. They try to save money by buying the cheapest plumbing supplies they can find. However, this can be devastating to your overall plumbing system. For example, PVC piping may be a bit cheaper for a simple drain line repair, but it can also be more prone to clogs and damage over time. This is one reason why it is often better to trust a professional plumber to complete repairs.

A Small Leak Is Really No Big Deal

That tiny drip you have beneath your sink or puddle of water you keep finding in the basement may seem like no big deal, but water in the home where it should not be is always a serious matter. Even small amounts of water can cause water damage that can lead to thousands of dollars in repair. For example, that tiny drip from your hot water heater could make its way beneath your flooring and damage the underlying foundation. It is always best to attend to plumbing issues quickly before they become a costly problem. 

Plumbing is often disregarded as an aspect of the home that is not as important as some. However, when it comes to water in the home, there are a lot of major things that can go wrong. If you have questions or concerns about the plumbing or an issue you have, it is a good idea to get in touch with a professional such as Beebe Inc for advice.