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Unusual Noises Your Heating System May Make And What They Mean

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The heating system that you have in your home is designed to last for many years without major issues as long as you put forth the effort for proper maintenance. However, these systems do not come without certain flaws and problems that can arise. In many cases, a problem with your heater can be spotted because of the noises that it makes. Here area few of the most common heating system noises you may hear and what they could mean.

Humming Sounds During Operation

The sound of humming could be so slight that it is barely detectable when the heat pump or furnace kicks in, or it could be loud enough that it causes major concern. This is not a good sign and is usually an indicator that there is a component within the system that is working too hard to perform. The humming sound is normally made by a fan or blower motor that is failing and should be attended to by a heating repair contractor.

Clanging or Bangs

It can be rather alarming when your heating system starts to make loud banging noises. This type of sound is more largely associated with large heater boilers that use hot water to heat your home. In many cases, it is caused by trapped hair that is in the distribution piping system of the heat system. However, the banging can also be caused by lime or calcium deposits built up within the tank itself. A central heating system may make loud banging noises if a fan or operating component is broken as well.

Hissing Noises During Startup

The sound of air escaping from a heat system is a noise that should sound an alarm that something is wrong with your heat system. Even though it sounds like air, it is most likely caused by electricity arcing due to faulty connections of the wiring inside of your heat system. Turn off your system and give a call to the local heating contractor for assistance. This type of noise is usually caused by electricity and not air at all, which can be very dangerous.

When you first recognize an unusual sound coming from your heat system, regardless of the type of system you have, it is important to at least investigate the issue. Out of the ordinary sounds are usually an indicator that there is something wrong. Therefore, the faster the issue is found, the less likely it will be that your heat system needs major repair from a contractor.