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Choosing Between A Wall AC And A Window AC

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When you're facing high temperatures and high humidity, an air conditioner can make all the difference between being comfortable and being miserable. If you don't have a central air-conditioning system, you have two main choices. You can install a window air conditioner or a wall air conditioner. If you're trying to decide between one and the other, it's important to understand the differences between the two units.

Defining Terms

From the outside, window air conditioners and wall air-conditioners look quite similar. One of the main differences between the two lies in how they are installed. As the names imply, window air conditioners are mounted in existing windows, while wall-mounted air-conditioners have to be inserted directly through a wall. This has big implications for the installation process.

Installing These ACs

Installing a window air conditioner is a fairly simple process requiring only three primary steps, including making measurements, fastening the unit into place and adding caulk to keep out any air leaks. For someone wanting to avoid excessive effort in the installation process, window air conditioners have a lot to recommend them.

On the other hand, installing a wall air conditioner means that the person installing it has to cut a hole in the wall big enough for the unit. There are many problems you can run into while trying to do this, such as encountering plumbing or electrical lines. It can also often be difficult to punch a hole through certain wall materials like brick or concrete. Once the installer has the unit in place, there is still the necessity of repairing the edges of the wall and adding insulation and caulk to seal the unit. It's usually best to call in a professional for a wall installation.

Flexibility Of Use

Generally, window air conditioners are used as a temporary measure for cooling the air in a room or home. Frequently, when warm weather is over, homeowners will remove the air-conditioner from the window and place it in storage until it is needed again. Wall air-conditioners are intended to be permanent. You can enjoy much greater flexibility and more options when you choose a window air conditioner.

Not Interchangeable

When you're choosing your air conditioner, you should keep in mind you can sometimes choose to use a window air conditioning unit as a wall air conditioner. However, this is not a two-way street. You're probably not going to be able to buy a wall air conditioner and use it for a window installation. This is because air-conditioners made specifically for wall use are almost always much heavier than a window air conditioner.

If you have more questions or need a unit repaired, contact a local air conditioner repair company.