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Four Equipment And Party Rentals Every Bride Should Consider

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When you are planning your wedding reception, you will like find that certain pieces of equipment are not included. You can find a caterer, but you have to rent table and chairs. You can find a band, but you may have to rent a stage for their performance. In addition to these rentals, there are four equipment and party rentals that every bride should consider during their reception planning stages.

Lounge Furniture

You may not think about seating beyond the traditional table and chair options. What you should consider is creating a lounge environment for your reception guests. This is a great area for guests that want to break away from the noise of the reception, have a quiet discussion, or even take a quick important phone call. By renting lounge furniture as part of your party and equipment rentals options, you give your guests that small luxury that will mean a lot.


You may have everything planned out for a beautiful outdoor reception that could go into all hours of the night. As romantic and amazing as this sounds, it can come crashing down when there is no lighting. Consider contacting a party rentals company or party equipment company for lighting rentals. You may be surprised at the variety you find and how the company can work with your theme to create an amazing well lit night for your reception.


One thing you may want to consider is renting tents for your reception. This is a great option, even if you don't use them. Consider them to be the safe back-up if your outdoor reception, or wedding, is threatened by rain. If you already have the tents and the lighting then you have a ready-made solution for your wedding that will decrease stress and offer a beautiful well planned option to bad weather.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great way to add something new to your wedding reception. You can even set it up to give your guests a copy of pictures and save a copy for your own album. This is an ideal thing to offer if you are looking for something interactive that guests can do even when you are busy attending to other guests or plans.

These are just a few ideas that can step-up your wedding reception and offer something new for your guests. If you are interested in other option, or have other ideas you want to incorporate, contact your local party or equipment rental company, one like City Rentals.