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How To Remove Smoke, Heat, And Water Damage From A Wooden Chair After A House Fire

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Fire, smoke, and water damage wreaks havoc on wood furniture during house fires. Here is how you can salvage a wooden chair that has been in a house fire, but hasn't been directly burned by the flames.

You Will Need:

  • Restore Wood Finish Product
  • Ultra-Fine Steel Wool
  • Wood Furniture Wax
  • Rags

Apply Restore Finish

You need to remove the dirt and soot from the surface of the wood to see what type of damage has actually been done to the chair. A good restore wood finish product will clean the soot and dirt so you can tell what parts of the chair has actual damage that needs further treatment.

Pour the restore finish onto a rag and wipe the chair down. You want to go with the grain of the wood, if possible, to avoid further damaging the wood surface with any debris that collects on the rag. But if you have spots where you can't go with the grain, use small circular motions to apply the restore finish. Wipe the entire chair down with the restore finish.

Applying Finish to Damaged Areas

Parts of the chair, particularly the seat area, will often be damaged from thick soot, water, and falling debris. In this case, you want to pour the restore finish onto an ultra-fine steel wool pad instead of a rag. Steel wool is effective at removing the soot and debris damage that has absorbed into the surface of the wood.

Lightly press down on the steel wool as you rub the restore finish onto the damaged parts (again, go with the grain of the wood if you can). You want to avoid grinding down into the old finish as much as possible to avoid further damaging the chair. 

Allow the restore finish to sit for a few minutes and then wipe it all down with a clean rag. Allow to chair to dry after removing the excess restore finish.

Apply Wax

You need to apply a wax (beeswax works well) coating over the chair once you have thoroughly cleaned it. Apply the wax to an ultra-fine steel wood pad and gently rub it into the wood finish. Cover the entire surface of the chair with the wax.

Wait for twenty to thirty minutes to allow the wax to absorb into the wood, and then wipe the excess wax off with a clean rag.

When you are done, the soot and debris will be completely removed (along with the smoke odors) and the chair will look clean and shiny again.

For more information about fire damage restoration, contact a company like Nordic Services Inc.