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Why You Should Choose Ceramic Porcelain Tile Flooring In Your Forever Home

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Whether you have recently moved into a home that needs a lot of fixing up or you are beginning to make some changes to the home you intend on living in forever, it is likely that changing the flooring is one of your biggest priorities. While hardwood and carpeting can look nice, nothing matches the quality and benefits of ceramic porcelain tile flooring.

Instead of writing it off due to the cost of time needed for the installation, consider the following benefits that you will enjoy with newly installed tile floors. 

Easy to Keep Clean Daily

Cleaning the floors in your home can be a hassle when you have something like carpeting that needs thorough vacuuming or hardwood that needs to be polished. With ceramic tile floors, all you need is a soft-bristle broom to avoid scratching the floor. A thorough sweeping in all the high-traffic areas of your home can be done daily and only takes a few minutes to minimize the need for a deep clean.

No Need for a Vacuum

While carpet needs to be vacuumed regularly due to dust and other debris getting caught in the fibers, tile does not share this responsibility. Instead of vacuuming the tile, you can get away with keeping it clean by just sweeping regularly and mopping once per week. This can be a very affordable alternative to buying an expensive vacuum and can be done on a budget with homemade cleaning solutions.

For a homemade mopping solution, consider some of the following ideas:

  • ½ cup distilled white vinegar, 1 gallon of warm water, and several drops of essential oils
  • 1/3 cup mild dish soap with 3 cups of warm water, and lemon juice
  • 1 cup rubbing alcohol in one gallon of warm water

Extremely Forgiving

One of the best qualities to have in the flooring of your home is easy maintenance and resistance against damage. While carpeting can be damaged by moisture and hardwood can get scratched up by pet nails, tile flooring is much more durable. In fact, ceramic porcelain tile is extremely durable, resistant to staining, and can continue to look great even years after it is installed.

Lasts a Lifetime

By avoiding abrasive steel wool pads or tough bristle brooms, combined with the right cleaning solutions, you can expect your tile flooring to remain in good shape throughout the life of your home. With tile having good traction, you can also expect it to be a good choice as you grow old. The traction and easy-to-clean elements also make it a good fit for a home with children.

Picking the kind of flooring to incorporate into your home can be a challenge if you are unsure of what is easiest to care for or you are worried about what will last in the years to come. Considering all the benefits of tile floors will help you move forward with getting it installed in your forever home. Contact a local outlet, such as All American Stone & Tile Care Inc., for further assistance.