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Convert Your Public Patio Into A Private Personal Space

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The problem with some patios is that they face the neighbor's yard or a busy street, making it impossible to find privacy or intimacy when lounging outside. There are some simple ways to create a more private and secluded atmosphere that will obstruct the view of your patio from passers-by.

Transform your public patio into a personal space with some simple elements:

Gates and fencing.

Poet Robert Frost said it best when he penned, "fences make good neighbors…" A simple fence, even an ornamental metal type construct, is an easy way to claim some privacy and carve out an intimate space in your yard. Use climbing vines to fill in around your pickets, but be sure that you don't allow wood slats and pickets foster mold by growing too-dense vegetation on your fence.

Patio French doors.

Another hurdle in claiming privacy on your patio may be the chaos going-on inside your home. Create a dramatic entry to your patio with a set of French doors, such as from Fas Windows and Doors, which you can use to close your space off to the interior your house.

Natural borders and walls.

Plants, trees, and shrubs are the perfect cover for your patio from the street or neighbors, and these don't have to actually be planted in the ground to be effective. Consider large potted plants that line the perimeter of your patio, and replace these with silk or plastic variations when the weather grows chilly. These also make an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to building a fence around your property.

Some other ways to turn a patio into an intimate retreat include:

  • Lighting on your patio can go a long way toward creating a more intimate atmosphere. Play with lighting, and install some sort of ambient lighting that facilitates evening entertaining, while also installing smaller, dimmer task-lights to gently illuminate your patio when you are looking for a peaceful, private place to relax.
  • Use white-noise to make even the most urban patios seem relaxed and isolated. Invest in a tabletop water fountain for a relaxing trickling of water to camouflage the sounds of the city, or buy a simple sound machine that replicates the sounds in nature.
  • Invest in arbors or construct an overhead to further reinforce the feeling of being alone and away- even when your patio abuts your house. These also can be strewn with vines, climbing plants, and other vegetation to create a secluded, private space.