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3 Solutions To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement

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Do you have a problem with water leaking into your basement? If so, that could be a big problem, both for your ability to enjoy your basement and for the stability of your home. Water can cause cracks to form in your foundation and basement walls. It can also lead to mold and mildew problems. If you have any plans to finish your basement, you'll almost certainly want to resolve your water issues before you begin your project. Fortunately, you have a few good options available. Here are three possible solutions for keeping water out of your basement:

Add gutter extensions. One issue may be that your gutters and drain pipes are placing water in the ground right outside your foundation walls. When it rains, water runs down your roof and into gutters. Those gutters lead to drain pipes that run down the side of your house. The water is then deposited into the soil. However, if the drains don't run far enough, the water could simply be accumulating around your home.

Monitor your basement the next time it rains. If it seems like water intrusion increases after a rain storm, then this could be the problem. Consider getting extensions for the end of your drain pipes so water is deposited further away from your home.

Remake your landscaping. Another issue could be that your yard isn't conducive to keeping water away from the home. For example, your yard should gradually slope downward away from your house's foundation. However, soil can shift and erode over time. It's possible that the soil is flat or even slopes in toward your home. This is a problem because water in the soil will naturally run towards your foundation walls.

Fortunately, you can fix this by reshaping your yard. You can buy soil at your local hardware store and build up the crown immediately outside your basement walls. You can also build slopes in your yard to lead water toward safe drainage areas. Depending on the extent of the changes, you may need to hire a landscaper to do the job.

Install French drains. Another option is to install something called a French drain outside your basement walls. A French drain is a trench or gully lined with rocks and gravel that collects water and then leads it to a drainage area. An exterior French drain is dug around the home. A pipe is laid in the base of the trench and then the pipe is covered with small rocks. Water falls through the rocks and into the pipe, which then leads the water away from the house.

A French drain may be a big project, but it can often be the most effective solution. For more information, contact a contractor in your area who is experienced with French drain installation