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Dealing With A Sudden Drain Clog? 3 Things You May Not Know Are Clogging Your Sink

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If you have a sudden clog that won't plunge in your kitchen sink, and you have no idea what could be wrong, it's time to call a plumber. Plunging can do more damage than good at times, and you want to get to the bottom of the problem before causing farther harm.

The sudden clog could be from a variety of things. Here are a few potential issues the plumber may have to fix while they're at your home.

A Trapped Rodent

Unfortunately, rodents can get into your sewage system and can crawl around in your pipes. If a rodent got stuck trying to crawl up to your drain, it could be causing the clog and starting to rot. A decaying mouse or another rodent can cause severe bacteria and health problems, and will start to smell. The plumber will need to remove the rodent from the pipes, and you may want to do professional drain and pipe cleaning as well.

A Fallen Cap

If the drain cover to the sink is off and something like a milk jug cap falls into the sink, you could have big problems. Although the cap may get through the pipes going sideways, if it gets flipped it can easily get lodged into the pipes. Trying to plunge it could put too much pressure on the pipes, and cause the pipes to shatter and flood.


A lot of trending diets recommend that people cook with coconut oil and other natural nut oils, and people don't realize they could be damaging their drains. These oils are going to harden while they are in the drain, and can cause accumulation throughout the plumbing system, along with sudden clogs. The plumber will have to snake out the clog, and they may have to clean or replace some of the pipes.

Many people don't have a clue what gets dropped down their drains until they have a problem, but trying to fix the problems on your own can lead to serious plumbing problems. When you notice that you need a sink repair professional call right away to get an estimate. While the professional is at your house, see if you can both sides of the sink run through a garbage disposal to catch potential clogs, or see if there are products you should be pouring down the sink regularly to help prevent buildup and future drain clogs.