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Should You Get Berber Carpets? Consider These Pros And Cons

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If you are looking for a new plush carpet to have installed in your home, there are many different styles to choose from. A common type of carpeting is berber, which is a classic style of carpeting made with a unique knot texture that you won't find in other types of carpeting materials. While there are many benefits to berber carpets, you should also be aware of the drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: There is a lot of versatility

An excellent reason to choose berber carpet is that depending on the type of materials used, its qualities can change dramatically. This allows you to have a versatile type of carpeting, where you can choose from a wide range of options. For example, if you want the carpeting to be used in high-traffic areas where it won't get ruined, wool is an excellent material. On the other hand, if you want it to be soft and plush, you should choose nylon since it is a softer material.

Con: The carpeting snags easily

A major drawback to berber is that you might deal with snagging issues, whether from the type of shoes you wear or because you have cats that claw the carpet. Berber is very durable by nature, but this is one drawback with how it is made. It is due to the type of loops used to make the carpeting; they can unravel with a snag, requiring repairs. However, a carpet expert might be able to fix the snags instead of having to replace large sections of carpeting.

Pro: You can save money

Berber carpeting can also be an affordable option depending on the type of material you choose. While wool berber carpeting can be pricey, you will save money by choosing olefin or nylon for the material. This allows you more flexibility, so that no matter your budget, you will find an excellent berber carpeting that looks great in your home and is also affordable.

Con:  Stains are hard to remove

Unfortunately, berber carpeting holds onto stains when they aren't removed right away. It is true that this tends to be a stain-resistant carpeting, but it isn't spill-proof. If you spill a dark liquid like coffee or red wine, and aren't able to blot it up quickly, the stain can set in. Once this happens, it is harder to remove from the carpeting than other styles.

All in all, berber is a beautiful and durable carpet that gives you a wide range of options for your home.