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What Does Your Garage Door Tune Up Include?

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If you have ever considered having a tune up for your garage door, you have likely considered the overall quality of your door. Is it worth it to replace the door entirely? If not, a tune up is probably in the cards. If you are considering a tune up for your garage, you can expect a technician to come to your house and provide a thorough inspection. These are the key elements that a garage door repair technician will look for:

Inspection of Track, Hinges, Rollers, and Seals

This is one of the most important components of a tune up, as your door will not open and close properly if any of these pieces are not functioning properly. Plus, the seals keep the inside of your home protected from bad weather, pests, and possible furry intruders.

Tighten Bolts & Screws

If any bolts or screws have been knocked out of place, the garage door repair tech will tighten them. He or she will also look for signs of something else that may be causing these parts to loosen or fall out.

Examine Springs

Do you know just how many springs are used to operate your garage door? Oftentimes, these springs need to be rebalanced for proper functioning.

Look at Safety Settings

If you have your door set so that it will pop back open if it detects movement on the ground, your garage is much safer. Don't be surprised if the technician asks you about this setting, especially if you do not have it in place already.

Lubrication of Chains

Chains must be lubricated in order to function at their highest efficiency. Without proper lubrication, your door may get stuck or make a terrible noise each time you use it. Your garage door technician may remind you to provide additional lubrication as necessary.

Examine Electronic Components

Your garage door simply won't work properly if its electronics are not in order. Your technician will take a look at these parts to make sure that nothing is in danger of breaking.

Ultimately, your garage door is an important component of your house. All too many homeowners forget about the importance of having a door that works right. Without continuous maintenance, you may find that your door slowly begins to break down over time. It is also important to note that your technician will report problems to you after the tune up that you may want to fix in the near future to avoid another problem. For more information, talk to a professional like Callahan Door and Window.