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Do You Need To Upgrade Your Heating System?

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Keeping your home's interior warm and comfortable during the cold winter months requires access to a functional heating system. Having your heating system fail to perform properly can be frustrating, but many homeowners find it challenging to determine when an upgrade is required.

Here are three questions that you can ask yourself when trying to determine if you need to upgrade your home's heating system in order to maintain a comfortable interior over time.

1. Is your heating system the cause of temperature fluctuations?

While it can be easy to assume that your heating system is the problem when temperatures inside your home fluctuate for no apparent reason, there are many factors that could be contributing to the temperature consistency within your residence.

Before you invest in a costly upgrade to your heating system, you need to be sure the heating system is the root cause of your temperature problems. Have an experienced contractor perform an energy assessment to see if poor insulation or leaks are actually causing your temperature fluctuations.

The completion of an energy assessment will allow you to better determine if it's time to upgrade your heating system.

2. Have your air ducts been cleaned recently?

While your heating appliance produces the warm air required to heat your home, this air must be delivered via a system of air ducts in order for you to experience its warming effects. If your home is feeling cooler than it should, your air ducts may be to blame.

Before you invest in a costly heating system upgrade, ask yourself when you last had your air ducts cleaned. Dirty, clogged, or damaged air ducts could prevent heated air from reaching your home. Routine cleanings will help you prevent duct-related circulation issues, allowing you to more easily identify when an upgrade is required to keep your heating system performing properly.

3. Did you recently expand your home?

Adding square footage to your home through an expansion can be beneficial in making your residence more functional. Unfortunately, creating more living space can also alter the performance of your heating system.

Furnaces come in many different sizes. If you have added a significant amount of space to your home, you might need to upgrade to a larger furnace in order to properly heat these new living areas.

Determining when you need to upgrade your home's heating system can be challenging. Invest in an energy assessment, clean and repair your air ducts, and determine your home's square footage to help you decide when you need to invest in a heating system upgrade.