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Problems With Your Well? 3 Problems You Could Be Facing

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Having access to your own well ensures that you're not dependent on city services for your water supply. However, it also means that you're responsible for the upkeep of your well. Even minor problems can interfere with your ability to provide quality water for your family. When you start noticing issues with your water supply, you need to take action fast, which will require you to do some quick troubleshooting. If there's a problem with your water supply, here are three well problems you could be facing.

Your Pump Is About to Fail You

There's nothing worse than turning the faucet on to find water sputtering through the pipes. Those sputters could signify that your pump is about to fail you, especially if the sputters are followed by a rapid burst of water. If your water pressure is fluctuating, the first thing you should do is check the lines for air. Purge your lines to get rid of any built up air pockets, and then test the water pressure again. If you're still getting the sputtering followed by the burst of water, it's time to have your well pump serviced.

You've Got a Low Water Table

If your water supply doesn't seem to be as plentiful as it once was, you could be looking at a low water table. Once the water table gets too low, you'll be out of water altogether. Unfortunately, a low water table is a sure sign that you're going to need a new well pretty soon, which can be quite expensive. As soon as you notice a decrease in the amount of water your well is producing, it's a good idea to start planning for a new well.

Start putting money into savings to help avoid an on-the-spot cash payout for a new well. It's actually a good idea to start a savings account as soon as you have your new well installed. That way, you're not faced with a financial emergency when it's time for the replacement.

You've Got a Damaged or Clogged Pipe

If you're not getting any water through your faucets, or you've got mud in your water, you're probably looking at a problem with your pipes. A clog in the pipes could cause your lack of water, especially if you know you have plenty of water in the well. Mud in your water could be a sign that your pipes are damaged, which is allowing dirt to enter the water pipes. Don't wait for the problem to get worse. Have your well serviced right away.

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