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How To Make Your Construction Site Safe By Dewatering With Sump Pumps

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Construction companies want to carry out a project and complete it before the deadline. The building starts with laying down the foundation and wall bracing. However, if groundwater accumulates on your worksite, then you will have to rebuild your structure. It is time to consider a sump pump installation. Read on to find out how to make your construction site safe by dewatering with sump pumps.

Dewater Your Site

Dewatering is one of the ways to make it safe for carrying out construction projects. This process removes groundwater and surface water. It removes the water with the use of a sump pump and should be done before excavations. This water must also be disposed of in a safe manner.  Contractors have to pay attention when using dewatering pumps. They must know the location of where the water is discharging. Knowing where the water is going is essential for preventing erosion. Many construction companies disposed of the water in storm sewer inlets and lakes.

If you dispose of the water in lakes, then you want to make sure it is chemical free before discharging the water. You can use a separator for removing oil and grease. It is necessary for preventing problems while building the foundation of a structure.

Control The Water

It is important to control groundwater during excavations. Dewatering is a temporary technique for reducing groundwater levels for structures. These structures usually extend below ground level. Sump pumping is one of the techniques for controlling this excess water. The water is collected using a sump and the pump moves it away from the site.

If you do not get rid of excessive seepage, then it can be costly and time consuming.

Protect Your Employees

Employers have to make sure the workplace is safe for their employees. Excessive groundwater causes equipment to malfunction and employees to fall. If an employee becomes injured, then he or she can sue your company for damages.

Check Your Equipment

If you are getting ready to dewater your site, then you equipment must be in good condition. Some pumps have problems with loss of prime, lack of prime, direction problems, plugged impeller and low speed. You want to look for signs of trouble. If you need a repair, then it can cost you money and shut down your project.

It helps to call in a professional, such as from Rite-Way Waterproofing, for disposing of excessive seepage. However, you should follow safe practices to maintain the reputation of your company.