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Benefits Of Installing A Shower Niche Vs. Using A Shower Caddy

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Many people have shower caddies in their showers, and you could be thinking that using a shower caddy is a good way to organize your shower as well. However, having a recessed shower niche installed for your shower necessities might be a better idea. Here's why a shower niche is often better than a shower caddy.

You Don't Have to Worry About it Falling Down

If you have ever had a shower caddy, you might have experienced it falling down and bringing down all of your shampoo and body wash bottles and other shower essentials with it. This can happen if the shower caddy doesn't fit properly on your showerhead or if it's not installed properly, for example. With a shower niche, you don't have to worry about this happening.

It Will Give You More Room in the Shower

Another good thing about a shower niche is the fact that it gives you more room in the shower. After all, a shower caddy takes up room in the shower. If you have a larger shower area, then this isn't a big deal. If you have a smaller shower, then you might not want to use a shower caddy that will take up some of your limited space.

It's Easier to Clean

Shower caddies often have lots of little nooks and crannies that you have to worry about cleaning. If you don't, then they could become covered in soap scum or mildew. Of course, recessed shower niches have to be cleaned as well, but they usually have a simpler design, so there are fewer little nooks and crannies that you have to worry about. This means that cleaning up a shower niche is usually faster and easier than cleaning a shower caddy.

It Gives Off a More Streamlined Look

In today's modern bathrooms, the streamlined look is very popular. A shower caddy isn't going to help you get that look in your bathroom. A recessed shower niche that is out of the way and that has a nice, streamlined look, however, is perfect for your modern bathroom.

Even though shower caddies are certainly handy for those who don't have anywhere else to put their shampoo bottles, soap and other shower necessities, a shower niche can be much better. If you work with a pro, such as from M P T Enterprises, you can have one installed in your shower so that you can enjoy these perks and more over having a shower caddy.