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3 Essential Questions When Changing Roofing Materials

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Do you hate the roof that is currently on your home? Do you want to install an entirely new roof but you're not sure where to begin? Whether you have a tile roof you want to convert to asphalt shingles or a cedar roof that you think would look better with faux wood, you're not alone in your desires. Many people are unhappy with their current roofing material and seek to either change it to something new or to restore it to the original roofing material that existed when the home was built. In order to make sure that you have the right contractor or company for the job, some questions you might want to ask include: 

Have you had much experience with these materials? When switching to a completely new type of roof, it's essential that the professionals you choose are familiar with both types of material. They need to have experience with the current roof material so that they don't damage the roof structure as they remove the old roofing materials. They also obviously need to know how to work with the new roofing material to ensure that it gets installed properly. The more experience they have with both materials, the better your roof is likely to turn out. 

Can the current structure support the new roof? All of your desires may be for naught if your current roofing structure can't support the roof that you envision. For the most part, this is unlikely to be a concern. However, there are still instances where may be something that will make you reconsider. For instance, a tile roof is substantially heavier than other roofing materials. If you try to install a tile roof on a home that was meant only to support asphalt shingles, you will likely have a bad time unless you pay extra for additional struts and supports to be added to handle the excess weight. 

How long will the process take? Depending on your current roofing material and the new one, the whole process from start to finish could be very quick or it could take substantially longer. Converting to a tile roof can take some time, but switching from real wood to faux wood vinyl shingles is going to be a much simpler process. The exact  will depend upon how busy your roofer is and what roofing materials are involved in the new roof installation. 

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