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Want To Install A Chain-Link Fence? Work With Professionals To Decide On The Details

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When you live on a property that does not have a backyard fence, you may not feel like going outside often because it is so easy for anyone to access your yard. A reliable solution is to install a fence around the backyard, which should make an immediate impact on the space. You may be determined to install a chain-link fence, but you may not know about any other details.

While you may plan on hiring a residential fencing contractor to handle the installation, you should also not hesitate to get their help with deciding on all the important details.


Deciding where you should install a chain-link fence is not always easy. One option is putting it along the property lines to maximize how much space you have in the backyard. But, you may not want to use these lines as a guideline for fence installation throughout the entire yard.

For instance, you may have a large and healthy tree that is along your property lines. If you want to avoid removing the tree, you will need to plan for installation around the tree. Fortunately, you can rely on fencing professionals to leave enough room so that roots do not get in the way.


Another detail that you will need to decide on is the height of the chain-link fence. If your neighborhood is limited to a six-foot fence in the backyard, you will naturally have fewer options. So, you can pick a fence height of anywhere from four feet to six feet depending on your needs.

Going with six feet is great when you want to maximize home security and make it difficult for any animals to get into your yard and for any pets of yours to escape.


If you do not anticipate anyone or anything colliding with the chain-link fence, you may not mind going with a thin metal that is still suitable for fencing. However, when you do not want to worry about the fence yielding when a decent amount of force is applied, you should go thicker.


Going with vinyl-coated chain-link means that you will be able to choose from various colors. If you want the fence to stand out in your backyard, you should not hesitate to go with a bold color such as bright color such as red, white, or yellow. But, you can also easily make your new fence blend in with the backyard and surrounding features by choosing black, green, or brown.

Getting help from professionals, such as at City Wide Fence Co, to decide on details for your fence installation will ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.