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Why Fiberglass Insulation Might Be The Right Choice For Your Attic

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Proper attic insulation is crucial for keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Without adequate insulation, the treated air in your living space will leak out through the attic and cause your HVAC to run more than it needs to, and that can drive up your energy bill. If your attic needs new insulation, you should talk to an insulation contractor about your options and whether fiberglass is a good choice for your home. Here are some good points of fiberglass insulation and the ways you can have it installed.

Reasons Fiberglass Insulation Is A Good Choice

Fiberglass is one of the least expensive forms of insulation, and that could be important if you have a limited budget to work with. It is also easy to install, and that helps keep costs down too. When it's installed correctly, fiberglass is an effective form of insulation due to its fluffy nature that traps air pockets. Fiberglass is made from glass and sand, so it's fire resistant and it doesn't attract bugs. It can even be made from recycled glass, which is a benefit to the environment.

Methods For Installing Fiberglass Insulation

This type of insulation can be installed in two ways. One is to blow in shredded pieces of loose fiberglass into the space, and another is to use batt insulation that is pressed between floor joists. Fiberglass batt insulation is the least expensive, and it's possible you could install it yourself if you take the right precautions and have experience with home improvement skills. Batt insulation comes in rolls that you spread in the floor voids of the attic. The insulation comes in standard sizes that match the standard width of the joists so there is a snug fit that prevents air leaks around the side.

Loose fiberglass insulation has to be blown into your attic. Although this costs more, it could provide better coverage, especially if your attic has a shape that isn't uniform. It's also easier to install blown fiberglass since it is shot out of a hose and can reach all the way to the edges of the attic. When finished, the fiberglass forms a thick blanket over the floor of the attic that blocks heat transfer and air leaks.

Fiberglass could be the best choice in attic insulation, and an insulation contractor can help you choose the right method of installation considering your budget and the size and shape of your attic. Fiberglass isn't the only choice in attic insulation, but it is a popular option because of its affordability and effectiveness, so it could be a good choice for your home too.