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3 Easy Ways To Update And Modernize Your Bathroom

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Is your bathroom just too out of date? Do you feel like you've stepped back in time whenever you need to take a shower? Bathrooms can often be forgotten in the midst of an otherwise whole-house remodeling project. As a result, they can wind up decades out of date and with a worn-out appearance. But this isn't something that you have to put up with indefinitely. A few relatively small updates can make it feel like you've done a complete update. Some things that you can try include:

Replace toilet: As one of the main fixtures in a bathroom, a toilet sees a lot of use. Over the years, even the best-kept toilet will get various stains on it. When your toilet is made out of porcelain in a color that hasn't been in style for decades, and it has rust stains or hard water deposits to boot, this thing needs to be taken out. A full bathroom remodeling project obviously includes replacing the toilet but you don't have to replace everything just to replace the toilet. You may even choose to replace the toilet as a prelude to a full remodeling project in the near future.

Grout tiles: Sometimes, the tiles in your bathroom are mostly fine but have started to grow mold or are otherwise unsightly. When you have attractive tiles already, you may be balking at the thought of spending the money to buy brand new ones. But instead of buying all-new tiles, you may want to choose to have your existing tiles re-grouted. An experienced bathroom remodeling employee will be able to remove the old grout as well as any tiles that have cracked since the initial installation. After replacing these broken tiles, the professional can then add fresh grout in between your tiles. Once done, your bathroom will look like it's had all-new tiles installed. 

Shower/tub insert: One of the best ways to bring your bathroom up to date is to have a bathroom remodeling company install an insert over your existing tub/shower setup. They will come in, measure your existing shower/tub area, and then bring in a molded shower/tub piece or pieces to put over your existing fixtures. Once installed, it will be hard to tell that you opted for this method of renewing your shower/tub. One benefit to this is that the whole thing can be done in just a day or two instead of the multiple days or weeks it can take to completely rip out and replace your shower/tub setup with a brand new one.