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Why Your Home Needs Gutter Covers For The Best Protection Against Water Damage

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Gutters protect your home when they drain properly. Unfortunately, to keep them working as they should, gutters need regular cleaning and maintenance. One way to decrease the need for maintenance and ensure your gutters are free of clogs and debris is to have gutter covers put on. These keep out the majority of leaves so you can avoid problems caused by clogs that prevent proper draining. Here are some reasons your home needs gutter covers.

Fewer Leaves Means Fewer Clogs

Beautiful, mature trees add value to your property and provide cooling shade in the summer. However, once summer is over and leaves start to fall, the gutters on your house fill with leaves. Rain can soak the leaves and make them so heavy that they don't blow out of the gutters. The troughs can become lined with a mat of leaf clumps, or a single big clump may form that acts as a dam that stops the flow of water. A clog causes water to drain over the sides of the trough and that could cause problems with your home's siding or foundation.

Wet Leaves Can Cause Sagging

Another problem with leaves accumulating in your gutters is that they get heavy when they're wet. The weight from the leaves could cause your gutters to sag or pull away from your house. Once the slope of the trough has been changed due to sagging, water won't drain. Instead, it pools in the trough and causes even more weight that leads to further sagging and damage to the gutters. Wet leaves aren't the only heavy thing gutter covers can keep out of the troughs. With covers on your gutters, you won't have to worry about birds and small animals building nests in the troughs that add weight to them or create dams that prevent draining through the downspout.

You'll Have Less Maintenance To Keep Up With

If you don't have gutter covers, you should dig out leaves and other debris once the trees are bare. If you're not able to and you don't want to pay someone to clean out your gutters, then your home is at risk of water damage from rain that doesn't drain away properly. When you have gutter covers installed, the need for maintenance drops. Cleaning your gutters becomes a much easier chore so it's easier to keep up with and you don't have to do it as often.

You can have a gutter covers company install the covers for you and even recommend the best kind for your property. Besides falling leaves, your gutters collect acorns, pollen, tassels, seeds, and pine needles depending on the trees growing on your property. You want a cover that keeps out anything that could create clogs that threaten your home with water damage.