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3 Ways A Modular Home Is Your Fast Track To Home Ownership

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For many Americans, home ownership remains the epitome of the American dream. But getting into a home can be so expensive and time-consuming that it prevents many from achieving that dream. 

One answer that home buyers are increasingly turning to is the modular home. A modular home — one built in a factory and assembled to code on your property — can be the fast-track to home ownership that you've been looking for. Why? Here are a few key reasons. 

1.  It's Fast

Modular home design is literally a fast track to getting a brand new home. If you want a custom-designed new construction home, you may be signing up for a project that lasts several months or even a year. This is due to all the construction work taking place from the ground up on your site.

But modular homes are largely constructed elsewhere, so only the connections and final assembly happen on your ground. This cuts construction time down to as little as weeks. 

2. You Have Controlled Options

Just because you want a new home done fast doesn't mean you want to accept any cookie-cutter layout and materials. This is where a modular home beats out new construction as well as renovating an existing home. Each manufacturer provides a list of options you can choose in order to make the place your own. These choices include surface materials, flooring, fixtures, exterior finishing, colors, and even door or wall placement. 

While you do get plenty of customized options, the manufacturer's control of materials also helps ensure that you won't be stuck waiting for your new wood floors to arrive from Outer Mongolia while the home lingers in limbo. And you can't get so crazy with materials choice that you slow down the entire process. 

3. It's Affordable

Is the price of buying a home keeping you out of the market? Then a modular home could be the answer you need. The same features of their design and construction — factory work and speedy setup — also make them more affordable than most site-built houses.

You'll get more bang for your buck with this style, resulting in a larger home and more customization than you can get with traditional real estate. And modern modular home design means that you can qualify for many types of traditional financing options too. 

Which of these features can help you fast-track your new home? Whether you need a more affordable option, fast construction, or more reliable customization, a modular home could be just what you need. Call a modular home professional in your area today to learn more about how you can get into your new home quickly and efficiently.